Speech Therapy

Parents want the best for their children, especially when it comes to communication and academic function. Speech Strategies provides both evaluation and treatment services of various cognitive,social, and communication issues to use strengths to improve upon difficulties.

Small Group Sessions

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Our practice's mission is to treat the whole child.  Not only do we work to improve skills in individual sessions, but we also practice using those skills in small group settings. We establish and maintain a team approach with families and schools of our clients by demonstrating techniquies during our small group sessions.  At Speech Strategies, we are continuously discussing strategies that have been successful for our clients with everyone involved with the team.


Speech Strategies is now offering the same quality therapy sessions using a user-friendly, HIPPA compliant teletherapy platform.  Speech Strategies can conduct your session at a convenient time and space for you.  All you need is an email address and we invite you to the session.  You can use a computer, phone, or IPad.  We offer various session lengths and pricing options to accommodate your needs.

               Summer Tutoring

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Speech Strategies values the expertise of other professionals in the learning process.  As part of our whole team approach, certified teachers use our experience with providing opportunities for effective communication, paired with their knowledge of various educational techniques,  has to reduce frustration and improve educational skills for our clients.


It never dawned on me how difficult talking could be for my son.  Speech Strategies made it a fun process when it seemed so hard" Scott T.

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