Small Group Sessions

Speech Strategies is pleased to offer small group sessions now that we have moved into our new office!  Sessions are forming now, so ask your therapist which group might be appropriate for your child.  Groups are offered either one or two times per week depending on the different skill levels.

Currently, we are offering small group sessions targeting five areas.   All groups will be lead by a licensed speech therapist.  Our Social Skills  group will be learning to interact verbally with peers in various situations through peer modeling.    Our Learning to Listen  groups will learn strategies to improve auditory processing, auditory memory, and direction following.  Talking with Toddlers  is designed to give families strategies to elicit verbal language from their youngsters. Lastly, we are offering Tutoring to maintain and improve our clients' scholastic skills over the summer.  We look forward to seeing you!

Following the Child's Lead

We had a snowy and rainy day in Central NJ yesterday.  It was the type of Saturday when all of your materials get wet and you can't shake the morning chill out of your bones.  We were having a typical session of playing games when the child started fiddling with the handles of a computer chair.  My first thought was that this chair couldn't be more fun than playing with the toys in the room.  My second thought was that I actually don't decide what the child thinks is fun at any given moment.  I had forgotten the Speech Strategy  of following the child's lead to capture their motivation.  Needless to say, once we started playing and spinning in the chair, the language and the laughs began.  We targeted the words Go vs Stop, Up vs. Down, and Whee.  Our friend said more words than he had from the beginning of the session and we were all laughing.  Once he became interested in the task that he had selected, our little friend was motivated to talk.  The giggles and belly laughs turned our rainy day around.  Not only was he saying words that were modeled for him, but he began spontaneously asking for snacks.  What a way to turn that rainy Saturday into a fun  morning!

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